Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Day 9 and 10

Well, a week ago I was so GUNG HO to get my design business up, running, and kicking butt. I still am. However, I did the "right thing" and took a full time job so that I can continue to pay my rent etc. I am really kicking myself for doing that.

I really think that part of my problem with this new job is that I have spent so much time working on and organizing my own business, doing life coaching for other businesses, etc that my expectation of a professional medical service business is rather high. For a medical service business, I think it SHOULD be high.

The office is a mess. Stuff left from several months ago and no way to know how to resolve it. I am being trained by someone who has been there less than 2 months and has barely a working knowledge of how to use the software. The owners have some "interesting" work practices that I am still unsure of.

I am so stressed out when I get home because after 2 days of doing this job, I don't know anything more about how to do my job than I did going in Monday morning. That doesn't really work for me.

I want to sew. Crochet. Coach. Create.

I have been working on some really cool crochet tops on my lunch breaks so there's that.

In the end, all entrepreneurs need to measure what is going to help them succeed in the short term and the long term. This includes working for someone else while growing our own little "corner office". The jury is still out if this new job will benefit me in the end.

One day at a time.

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