Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day Three: No Sewing :(

Today was not a business day. I intend every day to be a business day but...I drove down and met a few friends from my old day job for lunch and visited. The plus side to the 45 minute drive one way is that I got to listen to my favorite audio book on my way down, Crush it, by Gary Vaynerchuk. He has such a great energy when he speaks, it is really infectious in the best way possible.

On my way home from lunch, though, I decided that I needed to organize what my production days need to look like. I created these. Each column is a work day expectation list.(See pic). These are just the first draft. They will be modified as I am able to better measure how long each item takes me and I need to figure out a crochet day. I have some really cute things to crochet but honestly, the amount of fabric I have in my house, makes sewing a bigger priority.

So, how I am going to use these lists:
They will of course be cut into 4 different lists.

On my Google Calendar, I will decide when my work day will begin and schedule my whole day to say "Shirt Day" or whichever day I need it to be. I will decide what time my day will begin and set an alarm to go off one hour before that so I can wake up. Eat breakfast, etc.

The idea behind these lists is if I get a ton of shirts done today and tomorrow is supposed to be Photo Day but my model is sick, I can schedule it to be Skirt Day instead and move Photo Day to another day in the week.My productivity does not stop because of little obstacles in the road.

Another thing that I will be doing is having a chime go off every 30 minutes. There are different meditation apps that you can set how often it goes off. Having the timer go off every 30 minutes helps me to keep on track. It will help me figure out EXACTLY how much time it takes for me to create a top and keeps me on task. It can be reset when I start each top, take a break to eat (Imagine that? Taking a break to eat?)

By setting up this guideline for myself, it is easier to hold myself accountable for what I need to get done every day. Without holding myself to some expectation, I might just watch Firefly all day and maybe just get one top done, if I am lucky. 

I am going to push myself to be as productive as I can be. I can sell what I haven't finished putting together.

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