Monday, April 11, 2016

Day two: Oh Look! Shiny

Day Two: Oh look SHINY

Today I got up early and wanted to apply for a couple of jobs. (want to do my designs full time but a girl needs to cover her bases.

I started off by spending an hour looking at jobs. Then I was on Facebook reading posts in my seller groups. Then I was on etsy looking at clothing tags, which turned into looking at sewing patterns, then crochet patterns. THEN I moved over to Ravelry to look at crochet patterns.

Next thing I know, my day is almost over. BAD BAD Shiny internet!

I did end up getting a lot of things sewn but nothing is complete yet.Lots of things ALMOST there. I need to find a way to hold myself more accountable for getting things done. Set alarms or something. I will think about it tonight and put something into place tomorrow. Time is a wasting!

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