Thursday, April 28, 2016

Days 11-17

So...I have epicly failed at doing this blog daily.

Last Thursday I woke up in a panic about the new job. Everything in the universe told me it was a BAD IDEA to I told them it wasn't a good fit.

My poor kitty Legolas needed to go to the vet. Baby has lost 6lbs in the past several months. That is 1/3 his body weight so I have been quite vigilant about keeping an eye on him.

Anywho...I have been working my tail off trying to mass produce but creatively style my clothing. I have made a dozen summer tops, crochet a couple of "booby" tops for my daughter. Done a photo shoot and spent HOURS, I mean HOURS trying to decide on venues to sell my clothing at.

It is really stressful trying to decide if doing a farmers market will be financially beneficial or if I should skip it and do the more expensive "one and done" weekend festivals.

There are definite pros and cons to each. Doing farmers markets, I can build the long term relationships with my customers and they will think of me when they need an awesome unique gift of something fun to wear. The problem is, the time commitment to building that relationship. It is definitely worth building, however, can I afford to lose 10 hours plus per week doing a couple of farmers markets with the hopes to build some sales down the road?

Doing festivals...well, I have done those before. Some were great and some were a big ol' goose egg. The good ones, I made close to $1000 in a weekend, however, I spent weeks making everything so in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't that awesome of a take, but it was 3 days lost until the next one so it seemed to work well.

Need to do more thinking on this.

Here are a few pics from my photoshoot!

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